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Take a look at the following garage door tips and learn why some rules must be followed to keep safe

When choosing a garage door for a coastal area

Getting just about any garage door type for coastal areas can be a total waste. Our garage door experts will tell you that aluminum garage doors are the perfect choice for your area. They do not rust or decay like the others.

Choosing your garage door

When choosing for your garage door, it is wise to consider the different types of doors. For your residential garage door however, the overhead type is among the best pick. It is great for maximizing space, making it good both for small and medium sized garage.

Keeping the controls safe

How do you determine how high is high enough to keep a wall control out of children’s reach? Our installation experts recommend a height of at least five feet. On the other hand, the remote control for door openers should be kept in a secure place only accessible to adults. If the remote is being brought in the car, it should not be easily accessible to children.

Look for damage to the spring system if the door is cocked

The most common cause of this problem according to the technicians of Garage Door Repair in Orting is a broken spring cable. This sort of damage is easy to notice. The door must not be operated until the cable is replaced. If you have an extension spring system, the issue may be due to a worn pulley. The sooner this component gets replaced the better.

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