Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

People who have already experience with our garage door services wrote the following testimonials

Before the cold wintery season, make sure to give us a call so we can check your door weather seals. Your bottom seals are extremely important and useful during the cold months as they are able to keep out the winds from entering your house. That way you will not experience a cold draft. Should you need to replace your bottom seal, our technicians will be able to assess the condition of your door and do the necessary replacements and installation. We are also adept at conducting repairs for all your door parts. Make sure to give us a call and we will fix your doors in no time.

We Are a Company That Values the Time of All Our Customers

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Reliable maintenance service for garage door parts

Since it is always humid here in Orting, our torsion springs corrode easily. That’s the reason we used to replace them quite often every couple of years. Ever since we engaged the services of Garage Door Repair Orting, the technicians explained that there should be regular maintenance so as to buffer the effects of corrosion. We did that and there is considerable improvement in the performance of the torsion springs. So far no cracks are showing. We have also employed this company’s services for the maintenance of our other garage door parts and they have not failed us – well, the parts and technicians each in their own ways have not failed us.

Installed garage door window in a breeze

As a claustrophobic, I always dread going to our cramped garage. So I have always wanted some sort of ventilation or natural light source in there. I contacted Garage Door Repair Orting and minutes later they already sent personnel to actually inspect the space. After we agreed on the materials and specifications, they went back to get the supplies and then immediately started working on the garage door window. Usually, I am a slow-decision maker but with how simple the technicians laid out the solutions, deciding was easy. I think that is a measure of experts: they make things look simple. This is the best garage door contractor!

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