About us

About us

We honor our customers with perfect services. Everything Garage Door Repair Orting does aims at honoring the trust people put in us.

Welcome to our company Garage Door Repair Orting

Our superb services of garage door repair guarantee safety, convenience and security. We aim at offering you the best service in Washington and satisfy the most demanding need with good training and focus on your problems. We're here to cover urgent needs.

Some of the brands we provide service for: Genie, Liftmaster, Sears, Craftsman, Allister, Chamberlain, and more!
Address: Mazza St NE
Orting, Washington
Zip code: 98360
Phone: 360-818-9052

Hours of Operation:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
Garage door company boasting of a highly skilled technical team, a vast range of garage doors and parts, and a commitment to providing the best service in the industry.


We honor our customers with perfect services. Everything Garage Door Repair Orting does aims at honoring the trust people put in us. Our efforts, training hours and getting updated with new opener systems and materials all aim at honoring our working relation. Garage doors are huge investments for every homeowner, and must be taken care of with attention and in accordance to their requirements. We have professionals, who really care to be there for emergency garage door service 24/7, spend time trying to figure out which new products will be best for you, measuring your springs and adjusting the tracks.

Garage Door Repair Orting 24/7 Services

Great services by professionals who care

Every little thing that we do matters! It adds more years to the lifespan of your overhead door and that's what's important to us. Our desire is to see our customers enjoying their garage system for years to come. In the meantime, we make sure the system operates safely and the electric operators are not only functional but they comply with the UL 325 rules. Part of our job is to know the requirements for wind load doors, all official safety regulations and which garage door parts would make the operation of the garage system more efficient.

It is our desire to see our customers enjoying the convenience of their garage doors and we do our best to ensure their safety

Garage Door Repair Orting has everything each technician would need in order to complete each job. We offer our technical teams state of the art equipment, fast vans and access to the biggest manufacturers. We offer our customers the chance to choose a new garage door opener, accessories and doors from the greatest industries. We provide a great range of services in order to ensure that garage systems would have proper maintenance, repairs and replacement.

We have the best equipment, expanded knowledge and long experience and such traits underline our capacities

Our technicians are our true joy and pride! Their abilities are the mirror of what we can really offer you. With our expertise, excellent knowledge and tremendous capacities, you have nothing to fear. The security and convenience you were longing for when the sectional doors were first installed are ensured with our service. We also make sure of your safety. That's our basic goal and that's why our teams stay true to you, your needs and requests. Do you want to learn more about our company?

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