A Quick Beginners Guide to Buying a Garage Door

A Quick Beginners Guide to Buying a Garage Door

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If you have never purchased garage doors, the wide variety of choice can be a little daunting. Garage door repair Orting suggests that you break it down into simple terms and ensure the door meets your needs in a variety of criteria.Residential Garage Door 24/7 Services

Style and Color:

There is a huge choice available, but it is important to remember that your choice of garage door must complement your home and neighborhood. You may regret choosing a contemporary design if you live in a more traditional home. Don’t be afraid of a bold color choice, but remember you may have this color for a good few years, so ensure you are completely happy with it.


The choice of material can depend on a number of factors including price, degree of security and power of your door openers. Heavy materials to tend to provide greater security but they will require a higher powered opener.

Steel doors are extremely strong while aluminum doors provide a lighter weight lower maintenance option. All glass doors can be incredibly stylish but they can be more expensive, while fiberglass will be rust free and of a lighter weight.

It can be tempting to opt for cheaper steel doors, but you should consider the value of steel in the door. Ideally the door should be at least twenty five gauge to protect against denting. You should also check whether the paint has been sprayed or baked on. This will provide an indicator as to how durable the finish will be.


This reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in the durability of their product. Purchasing a door from a reputable manufacturer with a long warranty can provide the assurance that it is up to the demands of your garage door opener and can withstand the frequent operation from your remote controls.

Remember, that although price is a consideration, you may regret saving a few dollars in the event a problem develops with an inferior product.

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